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Our Structure

As a church, we believe that it is the Lord who leads, through inspiration of the Holy spirit in individual lives. It tells us in 1 Corinthians 12, that the Holy Spirit designs that each of us be different and are called to do different things, with different levels of effectiveness. Finally and most importantly, regardless of the type or size, even the effectiveness, of the ministry there is no single calling, ministry or person more important than any other to the function of the church.

How Grace Pentecostal Church is structured.

We are not a leader led church, but by inspiration of the Holy Spirit. As such our structure is to support the individual to grow up spiritually and do that good work Christ has called them to do. Therefore this structure is designed to serve and not rule. And to make sure that happens the leadership of the church is divided so no one person rules it all, but that together we go on the same journey.

Have legal responsibility for our safe running and financial conduct., making sure we are running in side of the law. To do this the Board make final decisions on financial matters and receive regular updates of everything that goes on in the church. But they delegate the day to day running to other groups., which provide representatives who make up the Board. The only dedicated members of the board are the Church Officers; The Chair, Treasurer and Secretary.

Church Board

Made up of:
- Church Officers
- Pastoral Team Reps

- Ministry Head
- Department Heads

Are responsible for helping the people who attend the church grow up spiritually. That responsibility is from the first time a person attends the church, to praying and visiting the sick, to making sure people are being treated fairly and correctly in all parts of church life. There is a Pastoral Head and departments within the team taking responsibility for the many areas of this work.

Pastoral Team

Are responsible for what we do as a church. Through the ministry of the pulpit, and through making opportunities and spaces for people to serve. They do this whilst maintaining and setting the structure and vision that the whole church works under and they develop new activities as people come forward to start them. The Ministry Team provide support, advice and encouragement to all of the activities which people may run. There is a Ministry Head and a team working with them to keep the work moving forward.

Ministry Team

Are responsible for representing all the activities and their leaders on the Church Board. They do this by giving reports, asking for finance and other assistance and by representing the activities needs in any voting situation. The Dept Heads meet regularly with the Activity Leaders in order to this. Each Department has its own Head.

Department Heads

The Activity Leaders are the front line of the church and those who actually do. All else is to serve the Activity Leader and let them do the good work that the Lord has put in their heart, and then do it better. Activities can be to reach the lost, keep the church in fellowship, two people getting closer to the Lord, teach the word, or serve to make the above possible.

Activity Leaders

If you have any questions about the structure of our Church, then please get in touch!

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