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Our Home

The Main Hall

The main hall has capacity to seat 200 people and as part of our multi use policy has the capacity to house any activity, with or without chairs and tables. It also contains projection and sound equipment with a purpose-built stage for any performance or meeting.  The church also has a wonderfully purpose built baptismal tank and catering facilities to feed over 100 people.


The Creche

Our Creche is available for use in all of our meetings. 

You are welcome to accompany your child until they are settled with us. The idea is that they can then be left in the company of a dedicated leader while you enjoy the service. [All leaders are DBS checked.]

The Tyndale Room

The Tyndale Room, named after William Tyndale, the first translator of the Bible into English, comprises of a large space with the capacity for 75 people for the use of any activity, with or without chairs. The room also has sound and projection equipment and a purpose-built stage area. There is also has access to sink facilities and can be used for catering.  This room is located upstairs.


The Watson Room

The Watson Room, named after the founding Pastor of Grace Pentecostal Church, is the smallest meeting room and has the capacity for 20 people. This room is located upstairs.

The Azuza Street Room

Our Azuza Street Room is where our Sunday School happens each week.  It's also available to use as a meeting room on any other day of the week.  It has a TV which can be connected to a laptop and speakers.  It can comfortably seat around 25-30 people.


Church Office

Our Church Office is upstairs at the rear of the building, this is where our Church Administrator & Media Worker work their magic!

The Green Room

Our Green Room, is just that... a green room!  This is where we do any recording of videos or podcasts.


The building also comprises of many functioning storage spaces that allow us to have a well equipped church with a great deal of resources available to all activities that wish to use them.

If you want to come and visit us and see how as a part of Grace Pentecostal Church, you can use these resources, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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