W e l c o m e

GPC is a multi-site Pentecostal Church, looking to plant new churches wherever it be possible, with it's main campus located in Blackburn. The church is associated with the Assemblies of God (AOG) and was a founding member of the movement. GPC is made up of ordinary people from all walks of life, all ages and from many different tribe’s, tongues and nations, all of whom love and wish to serve the Lord Jesus. All are welcome to visit and find for themselves a church where we desire to become a Spiritual hospital; where anyone may come to rest, recover and grow strong that we may enable you to find that good work the Lord created you for and send you out, just like the early Antioch church sent Paul and Barnabas.

As a Church we have set ourselves a vision which we believe explains best how we think as a church.

The vision is:


“We as the body will seek continually to know the Lord as our beloved, to study His word that we may know Him better and that we may be witnesses of Christ Jesus in all the world that we inhabit”.


We want and believe for every person to strive for this in their lives and that by reading and studying the word of God, by praying and worshipping the Lord and by not neglecting a chance to meet together, that we will all grow in the love of God and get a more intimate relationship with Him. To fulfil this calling and to help every Christian who comes into contact with GPC to grow as a Christian, we have agreed that our meetings will adopt certain behaviours. These behaviours are:


“That we as a church will seek to Reach, Teach and Keep men and women, boys and girls to be citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven accessed through salvation in Jesus Christ”


So as a church we want to empower all those who wish to serve the Lord but either haven’t been able to, or don’t get the opportunity, to either REACH the lost, KEEP the church in fellowship with the Lord or TEACH the word.

We are not a leader led church, but a Christ led Church, believing the Lord directs each one of us to do as He wishes and as a church we exist to support and resource that work. If this is something that you desire or are just curious to see what goes on, then we invite you to join us and if you do you can expect a great and warm welcome.