At Grace Pentecostal Church we believe in giving every individual the opportunity to find the good work that Ephesians 2:10 tells us the Lord put in each one of us. But what good is it to discover that work and have no opportunity to make it a reality.  As such we are a group of churches who believe our purpose is to empower the individual by training, equipping and resourcing them. And equally we believe it is against the calling of the Church for us to tell you what that good work is or command you with what to do.

To facilitate this part of our fundamental belief as a group of churches we have created a supportive structure in order to empower personal development in that calling that Jesus has put upon your life. The structure sits under our vision, which is:

‘We as a church will know Jesus as our beloved, study His word that we may know the Lord better, and share this with all the world we inhabit. ‘


And we achieve this through our value statement, which is:

'We as a church will Reach, Teach and Keep, Men and Women, Boys and Girls for the Lord Jesus Christ'

These two statements form our structure as we look to achieve our vision, through activities. As the Lord inspires each individual to do the good work He has placed within their heart, then we look for that to correspond to reaching the lost with the gospel, teaching the church with the word of God or helping to keep by promoting a relationship between people and the Lord.

From any situation, we encourage any person who is a part of the Grace Pentecostal Church group to begin this good work. We aim to provide them with a venue and equipment that they will need, guiding them through the process, providing representation with the trustees, securing finance and help to develop something from a little acorn to a tall oak tree.

It is in the provision of providing that structure and support that ‘Grace Nazarites’ come into their own. Both in helping others to facilitate the vision given to them by the Lord and to outwork their own calling to good works in their lives.

To understand what the role is, requires us to understand why the Volunteer Scheme is called ‘Grace Nazarites’. The answer is because we draw on the Nazarite vow written in Numbers 6, and we recommend you read that scripture now.

What is the Nazarite vow? Well, it is a special separation to God, and there are three people in scripture whom were Nazarites; John the Baptist, Samson and Samuel. The word Nazarite is two words, the ‘ite’, means a person of and the ‘nazar’ means to separate. So, a Nazarite is a person of the separated people. The Nazarite vow it says is when a person vows a vow. What do you think that means?

The Hebrew word for the first vow is Naw-dar and it means to give something to God. The second Hebrew word for vow is to-Nay-der means a solemn promise.

The translation of that statement reads ‘when a person gives to God a solemn promise that he or she will be a person of separation to the Lord’.

The Nazarite vow was for anyone in Israel to make when they wanted to separate themselves for a time to the Lord. This sounds similar to accepting Christ as your Saviour. Yet the Nazarite vow is more than just becoming a Christian because it is a vow made when you are already separated to God, so it’s a vow of dedicating time to the Lord.

In the book of Numbers, we see being in the Lords camp is a type of the Church; being a Levite separated to the Lord is a type of the church; so being a Nazarite which these groups could legitimately do for a time to separate themselves further to God.

It is important to know this because understanding what they were separating themselves to helps us understand what it is that the type is showing us. Or in other words to finish with a question, what is the Nazarite vow to the church and to you as a prospective intern?

It’s hard to equate the separation on top of already being separated to God, yet in truth, in the camp of Israel, there was a group who already had this honour. They were the priesthood.

For 99.99% of the Jews, they would never have had a chance at understanding or experiencing the same closeness to God that the priesthood had. Yet the Lord gave this special ordination to them that they may get to experience the wonderful presence of the Lord, to separate themselves to Him, to be like the priesthood.

So, what is that to us? well I said at the start it’s hard to see the Christian in the Nazarite, but it isn’t. You see, we are Israel, we are the Levites and we are the priesthood. But as the priesthood we don’t have to continually sacrifice on the altar because Jesus was our once and for all sacrifice. So we get the closeness to God, without the sacrifices, this is the Nazarite experience.

We are like the Levites, who were chosen for the service of God, yet unlike them we get to boldly enter the Tabernacle and the Holy Place and the Holy of Holies, to where the presence of God is. This is similar to the Nazarite experience. We are like Israel, his Holy nation bound together by his cords of love, yet we are not cut off from fellowship with God like the tribes were. This is a similar experience to the Nazarite who got continual fellowship with the Lord.

The conclusion of the Nazarite experience is that this is the type of Israel we are, this is the type of Levite you are, and this is the type of royal priesthood that you are all called to. Not the ordinary life, but the extraordinary and wonderful vow made to the Lord.

To make the choice to become a ‘Grace Nazarite’ you are choosing to dedicate a period of time to the extraordinary life of full-time commitment to the Lord. As Christians, regardless of our situation, if we work full time or are at school, we already dedicated our full lives to Christ. Yet this internship is to give you the opportunity to understand what it is to set aside a period of your life only in service to Jesus, to be able to spend time dedicated to developing your relationship, and to provide a time to develop your knowledge and experience of good works.

If you feel you want to make such a Nazarite vow, then read download the information pack and application form at the top of this page...

your time awaits.