sunday school

Sunday School runs alongside our main meeting on a Sunday morning, it is for children in Reception Class to Year 6. Our aim at is to teach the children the Word of God in a fun and exciting way. We want our children to grow in their understanding of God’s Word and their own relationship with the Lord as well as feeling part of the Church family.


We do various different activities including games, crafts and puzzles all based around the Bible passages that usually run as a series.   Sunday School runs all year round.   We support the children to contribute in whatever way they feel to worship and prayer time.  The children take part in lively discussions and are encouraged to ask lots of questions especially on how the Bible impacts their lives and world they live in.


We have different leaders all with a diverse way of teaching and we try to make it interesting as possible to help our children grow.  We have access to resources and equipment to help us present the lessons in a variety of different ways.


Parents / carers can attend with their children on their first week (if they wish) to help them settle. 

G R A C E  P E N T E C O S T A L  C H U R C H ,  W E N S L E Y  R O A D ,  B L A C K B U R N ,  B B 2 1 Q D

E M A I L :  A D M I N @ G R A C E P E N T E C O S T A L F A M I L Y . C O . U K

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P R I V A C Y   P O L I C Y

R E G I S T E R E D  C H A R I T Y  N O :  1 0 5 1 8 2 0


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