seeking grace

This is a quarterly event for Ladies.  It was a vision from God to hold a meeting where the Lord wants to reach out to women who are lost in the world, where we can share the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. 

The meetings are held at Grace Pentecostal Church and allow Ladies to come together to have fun, fellowship, food and laughter in a comfortable environment.  There may be opportunity to learn a new skill, listen about something different or have someone listen to you; each meeting has a different themed event.  Seeking Grace provides a safe, enjoyable time out from our busy schedules.  Sometimes we just need time out from being busy mums, wives, daughters, work colleagues or our home life; we need time to recharge our batteries and time to accept that we are loved, cared for and appreciated by someone who is greater than ourselves.

These events are supported by the Ladies of Grace who provide their time and gifts.  They provide the food for all of the events.  They also want to get to know our visitors and want to spend time to listen and talk with other ladies. 

We want to share the Grace which the Lord has given to us to those who are in need.

G R A C E  P E N T E C O S T A L  C H U R C H ,  W E N S L E Y  R O A D ,  B L A C K B U R N ,  B B 2 1 Q D

E M A I L :  A D M I N @ G R A C E P E N T E C O S T A L F A M I L Y . C O . U K

0 1 2 5 4  5 4 5 4 1

P R I V A C Y   P O L I C Y

R E G I S T E R E D  C H A R I T Y  N O :  1 0 5 1 8 2 0


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