Ladies, do we need to break from regular life to be refreshed in worship, God’s Word and fellowship.   

The reality is that for many women, that space and time needs to be intentionally created.  So we need you to save a date and that is the 5TH OCTOBER 2019 AT 10AM to attend our Standing in the Gap Ladies Conference.

This conference is to encourage and bless each one of us as we worship Jesus with one accord.  We can listen to his Word and go back to our own church fellowship refreshed, renewed and re-focused to help us to do the good work that the Lord has put in us, to do it, and do it better.  What is the Lord asking you to do – is He asking you do something that you consider ‘just not me’ or is far out of your comfort zone and as you see it – your ‘skill set’.    If He is asking you to do something and only you know, either through the Word, a dream or someone speaking into your life, then be bold to step out and take that step of faith and voice it with someone and make that God given dream a reality.  We don’t know the big picture – the tapestry from underneath looks untidy, loose threads, tatty – but the Lord knows the beginning from the end and sees the full picture on the tapestry and what impact our work in the Kingdom has – and lives that it could touch.

Come and be blessed at the Standing in the Gap conference

Please bring a packed lunch

Coffee, tea and soft drinks provided

Cost:  £6

G R A C E  P E N T E C O S T A L  C H U R C H ,  W E N S L E Y  R O A D ,  B L A C K B U R N ,  B B 2 1 Q D

E M A I L :  A D M I N @ G R A C E P E N T E C O S T A L F A M I L Y . C O . U K

0 1 2 5 4  5 4 5 4 1

P R I V A C Y   P O L I C Y

R E G I S T E R E D  C H A R I T Y  N O :  1 0 5 1 8 2 0


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