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In the age of the internet and now live streaming the church has to consider the possibilities of our outreach. The printing press was invented to distribute the word of God to more people, and much more quickly than before. therefore, if you have clicked on this link and come to this page you may be interested in being a part of our plan to use the internet and live streaming to distribute the Word of God to more people.


Maybe you have watched our live stream because you have struggled to find a church near you, which you think teaches the whole truth of the Bible.

It is true that not everything that calls itself Christian is Christian, but at the same time, we need not only be in a church where every minor point is agreed upon. For us the balance is simple, does the individual want to actively grow in the Lord, know Him better, study pray and serve; and does the individual preach the gospel of Grace, Christ Crucified for our sins, salvation from Eternity in Hell, a final judgement of mankind, and the promise of Eternity in Heaven for those saved, not of themselves, but of Christ.

Do you believe as we believe? Do you live in an area where the nearest church that also believes this, is too far away? If so, we would like you to consider joining us via our online system.

Church Without Walls is our approach to growing the church, and helping Christians know the Lord a little better every day, throughout the UK, Europe and the world.

We want you to join us for church, come be a part of our service, and our worship as we encourage you to grow, to reach and to plant a church, starting in your living room. We offer full pastoral support, open lines of communication and we aren’t asking you for any money. We just ask that you start with the ambition to seek first the kingdom of heaven.

Each situation will be unique, so there isn’t a one size fits all approach. We encourage you to watch a few live streams, maybe listen to some of our back log messages on YouTube and pray and seek the Lord about the possibilities and His purposes.

Then get in touch, either by email or by phone (details below) and share with us a little about your passion and your testimony of how the Lord saved you.

Then we will take it from there.

We look forward to hearing from you