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Our Sunday morning service is a breaking of bread service, and is usually 2 hours long. We have a time of Worship, we break bread together and we listen to a message from the word of God. We hope that you enjoy the message and the time of worship but we also hope that it draws you closer to the Lord.

Our firm belief is that every person should come to know Jesus better. First through accepting Him as Lord and Saviour. Romans 10:9 tells us if we believe in our hearts and confess with our lips that Jesus Christ is Lord then we will be saved.

If you haven’t yet done that, then you don’t need a minister to do that for you, just pray and ask Jesus to be your Lord and saviour. In so doing you are changing from the life you led, which you were Lord of, and where you did as you pleased, and now you do as the Lord pleases, and His good pleasure is to share His glory with you, to encourage you to get to know Him better, and to find your purpose and in life, which is only found in serving Him.  It may sound easy, but it isn’t always, and it often means giving up that which you used to enjoy, but knew was no good for you.

secondly we get to know Jesus by studying His word, the bible, which doesn’t require a magical interpreter, or even a priest, just your own hard work and dedication. But today you can have a chance to hear as we share together a message that the Lord has put upon the speaker’s heart, an explanation of what that particular bible passage means.


Our Monday night meeting is our Bible Study and is also for about 2 hours. We begin with worship and then spend the evening looking at a specific chapter of the Bible. We encourage you if possible to read the chapter yourself before the Bible Study starts, and note down any questions. Hopefully during the study, we will answer them for you, but if we haven’t then don’t hesitate to contact us by email and we will endeavour to write back an answer to your question.

There is no need to just sit there whilst you watch, feel free to stand and praise the Lord with us, take communion with us, and have your Bible open and search the scriptures with us.